TB test week….

On Monday, children packed off on the school buses at 7.55 and 8.05 respectively, I head up to the main farm we own to feed the calves with my mother-in-law.  Last count 52 calves in our shed all bar 6 needing milk feeding to them.  6 are weaned and ready to progress to the next shed.  This morning there is a bit of milk needed to be kept out of the tank that we can feed to the calves.  The rest we will mix from powder.  One calf is unwell and needs an injection.  All need fresh water, calf feed and straw bedding.  When all is done we head up for a quick breakfast before the vet comes at 9.30.  I had breakfast with children and so grab a coffee but don’t get to drink it all due to sorting out our collie puppy.  He is staying in the house while we TB test so needs a quick walk.  My job of the day is to record the ear tag number of each cow and the skin measurement from the vet.  This is a whole herd test as we are ‘down’ with TB so by day end 600 odd head of cattle will have passed throught the crush system we have designed.  Our crush, alley design means cattle go through in a calmer fashion and the vet has easy access to inject each one, (like our BCG test… remember that at school?)